Air – Moon Safari

25 10 2010

Listened: Tuesday October 5

I remember seeing huge posters of the album cover in Tower Records when Moon Safari came out. Memories like that make me feel old, because I don’t think today’s teenagers have any experiences like that anymore.

Air were one of the first French loungy-chillout bands I can recall from this time period, and this is when the Astralwerks label really started to hit their stride. They released so much good stuff in the late 90s-early 00s.

Moon Safari still sounds fresh and not dated; it’s a joy to listen to all these years later!



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12 03 2012
Air – The Virgin Suicides « Emily's Albums A to Z

[…] the film again; all the feelings came rushing back. The soundtrack is also such a departure from Moon Safari in tone. It even seems like some of the depressive vibe from this project spilled over into 10,000 […]

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