Edith Piaf – Montréal, Monument National, 1948

19 10 2010

Listened: Monday October 4

Montréal, Monument National, 1948 is a phantom album. iTunes recognizes it, yes, but I can’t locate the real album cover in Google images, or a store selling it, even Amazon Canada.

This album was given to me by Pierre, my first boyfriend, who is from Montréal. At the time, I was taking a semester of French in college, and I used to be able to understand more of the lyrics and her commentary. But one semester didn’t stick for long!

Oddly, Tabitha Soren was taking the same small French class. I felt kind of dumb when I finally realized who she was because of a comment someone else made (I learned later from the Daily Cal that she was teaching a journalism seminar at Cal and was going to move to France with her family for a while afterward, so that’s why she was in the class). I’m usually the first person to recognize anyone of any notability, but I didn’t put two and two together. “Somewhat-older-than-the-average-student-redheaded-chick-named-Tabitha” should have made me take notice right off the bat. She put on absolutely no airs at all, so I wasn’t telegraphed by her behavior that she was anyone special either.