Modest Mouse – The Moon and Antarctica

25 10 2010

Listened: Monday October 4

I think The Moon and Antarctica is Modest Mouse’s Kid A. I remember when it came out how much of a departure it was from The Lonesome Crowded West. The other complication was that I had heard live versions of a bunch of the songs through my friend Audrey and I was used to those versions. This was right at dawn of the MP3/file sharing age, and she had downloaded as much Modest Mouse stuff as she could find.

I didn’t quite get it when I heard this album then, but I’ve definitely come around. I love 3rd Planet’s “eye in the sky that can’t be stopped”, Tiny Cities Made of Ashes’ “I’m gonna hit you in your face I’m gonna punch you in your glasses”, and Wild Packs of Family Dogs’ “A wild pack of family dogs came running through the yard one day.”

This album is full of great lyrics and that unique Modest Mouse guitar sound.



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