Air – The Virgin Suicides

12 03 2012

Listened: Thursday January 12

I believe I read The Virgin Suicides when I heard that Sofia Coppola would direct it as her first film; there weren’t and still aren’t very many young women helming films like that, so that piqued my curiosity a bit. I remember it being a novel that crept into me like few can, a story that felt like it fit perfectly into the time and place when I was reading it. I had a similar reaction to the film, and I thought Coppola did a great job telling the story and creating an appropriately creepy post-modern vibe.

Air’s soundtrack brilliantly contributes to this dread and heaviness. I haven’t listened to it a great deal before the project, but hearing it again made me want to see the film again; all the feelings came rushing back. The soundtrack is also such a departure from Moon Safari in tone. It even seems like some of the depressive vibe from this project spilled over into 10,000 Hz Legend, their next release.

There’s one odd thing, though – the slowed-down movie dialogue included here. Surprisingly it works, but I’m not sure how that struck anyone as a good idea.



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