Travis – The Man Who

30 09 2010

Listened: Friday September 10

The Man Who is an important album from my college years. Why Does It Always Rain on Me is a brilliant pop song. Though it amazes me that apparently people used to ask Fran (Travis’ singer) what he lied about when he was 17.  Hello? I’m sure it’s not specific! Who didn’t lie about something when they were 17?? I never once thought he was referring to a specific event.

I remember taking Amtrak to Davis from Berkeley to stay with my friend Leslie so we could go see Travis at the Crest in Sacramento. To this day, it’s one of my fondest memories and most fun concerts I’ve ever been to. We also got to meet the band and get autographs (and a hug and a kiss on the cheek from Fran) afterward behind the theater when they came out, which had never happened to us before. It was only a group of about 30 or so people waiting there, so it was mellow and fun. It seems so innocent and unlikely to happen these days, even though it was only 10 years ago; I wonder if bands still do that without anyone being obnoxious?  I wish we had thought to bring a camera!



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