Weezer – Maladroit

29 09 2010

Listened: Thursday September 9

After the Green Album, I fell out of love with Weezer. Mostly due to attending a Weezer show when I was 22 and being surrounded by asshole teenagers who made the show very unpleasant for everyone around them. I thought “The Blue Album came out when I was 15, how am I still surrounded by high school Weezer fans after all this time?” Also, it seemed to be the “cool kids” at the show versus the nerds, who were the fans originally.

I half-heartedly bought Maladroit, but I hadn’t listened to it much. Now that I’m further away from that time, it sounds a little better to me then it did then. At the time I thought they had gone too far over the RAWK cliff. And they might have, but I can deal with it more now.

Blue, Pinkerton, and Green still have a special place in my heart because of their teenage appeal, but I think the love story stops there.



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27 07 2012
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[…] I noted in the review for Maladroit, when Green came out I realized that I was perhaps past the age limit and below the coolness factor […]

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