Phoenix – It’s Never Been Like That

24 08 2010

Listened: Thursday August 5

I know it’s been said before by many people, but Phoenix does not seem French. I think it’s that they seem too casual and cool – in an American way, not the French way. Plus their English is good!

In a way they remind me of the Strokes. They are fun music for the times, but I’m not totally convinced they will last. But that’s not necessarily a horrible thing. Some things last, some don’t. People get enjoyment from both.

Phoenix’s show at sunset at Coachella 2010 was a great time, as sunset slots usually are. Everyone was singing and dancing happily; lots of chicks sitting on dudes’ shoulders. An all-around positive vibe and a strong performance (which is unlike the Strokes).



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27 09 2011
Two Door Cinema Club – Tourist History « Emily's Albums A to Z

[…] Door Cinema Club is another lovely Coachella discovery. They sound a lot like an Irish Phoenix or Futureheads. I appreciate that I can hear the accent yet can also understand most of the lyrics […]

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