Art Brut – It’s A Bit Complicated

20 08 2010

Listened: Thursday August 5

It’s a Bit Complicated made me realize that Art Brut are the pop-punk musical version of Seinfeld; it’s all about the details, and when it comes down to it, a lot of nothing.

Pump Up The Volume is all about whether it’s appropriate to break from making out to turn up a song on the radio.

Blame it On The Trains is about blaming being 30 minutes late on public transit when really it was because of lying around having sex and concocting a scheme to explain the absence.

Sound of Summer fetishizes making mix tapes, down to the outmoded acts of pressing both play and record and breaking off the security tabs on the tape so no one can record over it.

Jealous Guy is about a guy obsessing that he isn’t getting as much sex from his girlfriend as her prior boyfriends, but finding his only expression of this frustration is to pull the covers to his side and silently fume.

Any of these could be central to a Seinfeld episode, right?



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