Lily Allen – It’s Not Me, It’s You

25 08 2010

Listened: Thursday August 5

Even though Lily Allen’s first album was pretty strong, I wasn’t expecting much from her second. Apparently I should have been.

It’s Not Me, It’s You is full of even more family portraits (her sister, mom, and dad this time instead of her brother Alfie and nan), cultural commentary (drugs, George W. Bush, women’s roles in society, God, and, of course, sex),  hilarious boyfriend beatdowns (the first time I heard “Not Fair” – on NPR’s All Songs Considered no less – I laughed my ass off), and touching breakups.

Not to mention, the musical styles – dance, jazz, pseudo-country, piano ballads. Definitely impressive. I love that I can actually hear her smiling on some songs; I didn’t realize how rare that is to hear until I heard it!

She’s now pregnant with her first child and supposedly doesn’t want to do music anymore. Still I wonder what she would have to say about being a mother; I hope she puts out at least one more album so I can find out.



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