Mylo – Destroy Rock & Roll

13 06 2010

Listened: Friday June 11

I consider Destroy to be a very modern-sounding dance/electronic album that samples the 80s. As opposed to so many these days trying to completely ape the 80s. It’s a British version of Röyksopp’s Melody A.M crossed with Daft Punk.

Mylo seems to like to have the vocals in his songs repeating lists (and I like lists so probably that is why he appeals to me) – Muscle Car has women huskily talk-singing a list of classic American muscle car models and Destroy Rock & Roll features what sounds like a fundamentalist preacher repeating a list of Top 40 groups he objects to.

Based on that list, it’s fun to try to guess the year the sample is from. My guess is 1984. I had to look up who Morris Day and the Time, Apollonia 6, and Fashion were. I figured Apollonia had something to do with Prince and apparently so do Morris Day and the Time. I had heard of Patty Smyth, but I didn’t know about Scandal, so I had to look that up too. The speaker also really messes up the pronunciation of Cyndi Lauper (“Cyndi Looper”) and David Bowie (not even pronounced the weird British way “Bowww-ie”, but “Boooie” like the knife) which makes it just that much more square and therefore amusing.

From this I conclude that I love songs that make me do research. If you pay attention to details, pop culture trash does really help you learn trivia facts – a Bob Dylan song taught me who shot Jesse James (Robert Ford), which has come up at pub quiz before.



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