Better Than Ezra – Deluxe

13 06 2010

Listened: Friday June 11

Deluxe is like a high school time capsule to me. I don’t think I had listened to it since then, and the popular songs aren’t even played on the radio anymore, so it was locked away in my memory like not too many other albums.

Therefore, this was the most arresting “Wow, I am not a kid anymore” album yet in the project. I realized how far back I had to go in my mind to remember experiences and emotions associated with this album. I saw BTE at Live 105’s BFD 2 – it’s been so long that they don’t even number the BFDs anymore!

I was happy to realize that while it’s a little “of the 90s” sounding, it’s not too dated. It’s also a great album! This was the polar opposite of my reaction to Core – I thought “Wow, maybe I did have decent taste!” Also interesting to note – according to wikipedia, apparently they still exist as a band, at least as of 2009. I hadn’t heard any news of them in years and years. Power to them!



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