Weezer – Weezer (Blue)

26 07 2012

Listened: Wednesday May 30

Along with Green Day’s Dookie, The Blue Album reminds me of freshman year of high school, which is when I was discovering how great rock music is. I think The Sweater Song is more evocative of my youth than Smells Like Teen Spirit (which was also important). This is  because Weezer’s music was really the first mainstream example of nerd rock that acknowledged itself. Shoutouts to D&D, a love of KISS, and descriptions of feeling comfortable in a garage where your peers can’t bother you about your weird tendencies bear this out. As a lifelong nerd, this was definitely appealing to me.

Maybe because it’s never really gone away since its release in 1994, Blue doesn’t sound dated at all. It’s still a groovy, heartfelt masterpiece from beginning to end. The only song that really gives me pause now that I’m an adult is No One Else – the attitude towards the woman in question is quite immature and disturbing. His ideal girlfriend needs to keep her laughter in check for anyone but him and can’t wear makeup for anyone else but him? I feel sorry for someone who still thinks that way as an adult!



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27 07 2012
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