Oasis – (What’s The Story) Morning Glory?

28 07 2012

Listened: Sunday July 1

(What’s The Story) Morning Glory is one of the most important modern albums of my high school life. It came out when I was 16, and it was just everywhere. I remember very clearly celebrating my friend Alma’s 16th birthday in the basement rec room of her apartment building, with Morning Glory as the soundtrack. I think there were other albums we played, but I only specifically remember Morning Glory.

I also remember my friends and I singing “You’re my Van-Der-Waals” to the tune of Wonderwall to GT Macway in AP Chemistry class (why I remember us singing to him specifically, I’m not sure, we may have sung it to others as well). Yes, we were big nerds.

For all of Oasis’ bullshit at the time and since, this album is unequivocally filled with amazing, classic songs. I sing along with no shame to every single one. However, the two untitled snippets were bizarre then and I still find it bizarre they released an album with just samples of two songs on it so that you would buy the singles to get the real tracks. I’m glad that wasn’t a trend that caught on.

Before the project, I hadn’t listened to Morning Glory very much since college. However, several years ago during a Rock Band binge at a friend’s place in Santa Barbara, the wives and girlfriends played Don’t Look Back in Anger together just as the men were returning to the house. I couldn’t help singing along at the top of my voice, even though I wasn’t the one with the microphone (I was drumming). I was caught up remembering my high school years by singing along to such a fun song. I hope Jen, the person officially singing, didn’t mind. I was just enjoying myself and wasn’t trying to compete with her, but I don’t know if she knew that.

Despite theĀ entreatiesĀ of the band not to, I kinda did put my “life in the hands of a rock and roll band”. Who am I kidding? I’ve done it so many times.