The Gears – Today & Tomorrow

22 09 2011

Listened: Friday July 15

Today & Tomorrow may be one of the more obscure albums I own. It’s apparently not in print anymore and seems to be hard to find used on the Internet. I even struggled to find a picture of the cover  art.

In 1999 or so I took a DeCal class in college on the Beatles. In class we discussed all the albums and watched the Beatles movies. I also had an unrequited crush on the student instructor. As a very inexperienced youngster (at that point I had never had a real boyfriend) it was every bit as clumsy and ridiculous as you’d imagine. But that’s not exactly related to this album.

One of the other people taking the class mentioned at one point that he was bassist in a band very influenced  by the Beatles called “The Gears” (it’s the guy on the right of the album cover, and unfortunately I don’t remember his name, I think it’s Jason Graham, based on the CD insert). After the class had ended, I was at Rasputin’s and I happened to look in the used CDs for The Gears and somehow found their album. At the time I barely listened to it, though. Until the project I don’t think I had heard it all the way through.

It’s actually quite good, I’m impressed. It is extremely early-Beatles influenced  in sound, themes, vocabulary, and even down to the design of the packaging. It’s very catchy and well-put-together for a bunch of 20-ish-year-olds. Unfortunately, the names of all the dudes in the band are extremely common, so I can’t reliably track down any of them to see what they’re up to now. Maybe this was a one-off, or maybe some of them are in bands to this day. Sad I can’t easily find out!



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