Future Pilot A.K.A – Tiny Waves, Mighty Sea

20 09 2011

Listened: Tuesday July 5

Interesting that Tiny Waves, Mighty Sea comes right after Tigermilk, considering members of Belle & Sebastian are involved in the project.

The music is a bit all over the place, but could be best described as a mashup between Indian devotional music and Scottish indie music. It’s an odd combination, but for the most part works pretty well. In terms of lyrics, there’s a lot of chanting, so the wittiness of Belle & Sebastian isn’t here, but the music and beautiful singing is. Then, they drop something like Beautiful Dreamer on you, which is a more traditional folk song sung by a 96-year-old woman, who sounds, well, 96. The album sort of reminds me of the Belle & Sebastian experiment Storytelling from around the same period.

If you like twists on Indian devotional music or you are a hardcore Belle & Sebastian fan who wants to hear them in another context, give this a try.



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