Sigur Ros – Takk

28 06 2011

Listened: Wednesday June 7

I love Sigur Ros. I’ll always remember them as one of the important bands of my twenties. That said, I just can’t deal with their music at work. There are very few bands I like who fall into this category. It’s just too emotionally stirring, in an ambiguous way. I have to think too hard about what I want/need/should feel when I’m hearing it, and that distracts me from my work.

That said, Jonsi‘s singing is wonderful, and the soft touches of piano are stirring. I have great memories of hearing the songs from Takk in concert over the years. They bring up so many visual memories for me – the band playing them, the lovely environments I heard them in (The Fillmore, The Warfield, The Paramount, The Greek, The Fox, Coachella), and the visuals at their shows (which are always incredibly well done). I hope Jonsi going solo doesn’t mean they won’t do any more shows!



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