Morrissey – Swords

24 06 2011

Listened: Monday June 6

Swords is a collection of B-sides from Moz’s recent “comeback” albums’ singles. While I wouldn’t say they’re up to the standard of the straightforwardly released songs, there are still some gems here – Don’t Make Fun of Daddy’s Voice, The Never-Played Symphonies, Ganglord, Christian Dior, Friday Mourning (Who doesn’t love a Morrissey song that starts “Friday, mourning, and I’m dressed in black”?).

I know all along Morrissey has dropped a lot of hints about liking the company of men, all the way back to Hand In Glove. But I love that he’s a bit less covert these days (though still reasonably poetic mind you, not vulgar). I mean, “Swords”? He might as well have named it “Penises”. Don’t Make Fun of Daddy’s Voice makes this extra clear by saying “Don’t make fun of Daddy’s voice, when he was a teenage boy, something got stuck in his throat.” As I’ve said in previous album reviews, Morrissey is funny, which many people seem to miss.