Heartless Bastards – Stairs and Elevators

14 06 2011

Listened: Friday April 29

Stairs and Elevators is like a self-help or motivational book in rocking album form.

“I march my feet to a different drum”

“My new resolution is to be someone who does not care what anyone thinks of me”

“I really want to live”

“Don’t forget to quench your own thirst”

“I just gotta swallow my pride and let things fall naturally. Just be who I am”

“I will never fit into a mold. I know me better than you will ever know”

Then, oddly, after all these feel-strong aphorisms, the irrepressible Erika busts out with:

“I can’t do the things I used to, ’cause I feel old.”

I guess everyone’s allowed their moment of weakness, even a badass take-no-prisoners rocker.




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