The Beatles – Revolver

16 02 2011

Listened: Friday January 14

Revolver is probably my favorite Beatles album. This week.

Seriously, I remember Revolver being the first album to make me think beyond “Wow all these songs are so fun and catchy” and realize how far they were pushing the envelope musically.

Eleanor Rigby is fabulous – such an engaging, melancholy story. I admit that I love all the sitar on Love You To; for some reason a lot of Beatles fans hate the sitar songs, but I don’t understand why. They’re so cool! And of course Yellow Submarine – who doesn’t become entranced by Yellow Submarine?

Tomorrow Never Knows is my one of my favorite Beatles songs. Anyone who works with samples in modern times owes a debt to it. I shudder to think how long it took them to do all that backmasking and sound processing work back in the pre-computer days. It must have been like stop motion animation in music form!



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17 02 2011

You know what’s fun? Listening to a Beatles record and trying to image what the world was like before it.

And yes, the sitar songs are cool.

11 03 2011
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