The Stratford 4 – The Revolt Against Tired Noises

25 01 2011

Listened: Friday January 14

I’ve realized I made an error in my entry for Love & Distortion, Stratford 4’s followup to The Revolt Against Tired Noises. It was Revolt that was sitting around forever in my “listen to this” pile, not Love & Distortion. I bought Love & Distortion later, after I had fallen in love with Revolt.

I guess I got confused because Love & Distortion is such a good followup. The two albums flow together like one big awesome shoegaze party. Lyrics like “Everytime I see your face, I start to hydroplane” and “Gonna put it in autopilot, close my eyes and just let you drive it” are really fun to sing. I also like the female backing vocals on a lot of the songs.

Anybody who likes a good shoegaze now and then should check them out! Both of their albums can be found for $.01 on Amazon.



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