Various – Nude Dimensions Vol 3

11 11 2010

Listened: Monday October 11

Apparently I love deep house and downtempo, since I love Nude Dimensions and Wikipedia says that’s what you would call it. I don’t even remember how I ended up with this CD, I think it was back at the very end of college or just after. They’re locally based, so maybe that’s why I wanted to check them out.

It’s great work music and could be great “getting ready to go out” music too. It’s not super-chill music – it has interesting beats and jazzy touches and it really helps move momentum along. It’s one of those CDs that flows along so well that it’s over before you even absorb that it started. They also don’t run with a groove for too long like some similarly-oriented music. It stays interesting and moves on to the next thing when it’s time.

The woman on the cover reminds me of Mrs Robinson (the hairstyle and the streak in it). That’s kind of disturbing.



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