Damien Rice – O

11 11 2010

Listened: Monday October 11

O is a lovely album, but I don’t know that I own too many other universally painful albums. Longing and strife is apparent in each and every song. I have to be careful to listen to it only at appropriate times, or it makes me want to end it all.

I had been hearing about Damien Rice for some time, and then I saw Closer, which uses his music, particularly The Blower’s Daughter, to fabulous effect, given that the film is also full of pain and complication. I decided I needed to see what else he had to offer, and bought the album.

As much as I enjoy it, because of the deep emotional challenges of it, it doesn’t elicit the feeling of “Wow, I need to own his next album.” Who knows though – maybe he became Mr. Upbeat on his followup!



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