The Cranberries – No Need To Argue

10 11 2010

Listened: Friday October 8

No Need To Argue is a high school era CD for me and I probably haven’t listened to it since then. There’s a lot of decent music to be found here, but I have to admit the vocal acrobatics and the tendency to be very repetitive with some of the lyrics doesn’t hold up to multiple listens very well.

That said, songs like I Can’t Be With You, Zombie, Ridiculous Thoughts, and No Need To Argue take me back to that mid-nineties time and sound like it was yesterday, and I mean that in a good way. I revisited My So-Called Life recently – yes, I watched all 19 episodes in the span of a week… what? – and the style and tone of that show is exactly what this music reminds me of. Hearing it, I could be 15 again, watching 15-year-old Angela Chase.



One response

11 11 2010

hey, i just happens to listen to this album this morning lol.

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