Faithless – No Roots

10 11 2010

Listened: Friday October 8

If Jesus or Buddha were teaching today, I think they would sound something like Faithless. I know this is a big trip to lay on the band, but the beauty, guidance, and righteousness of songs like Mass Destruction, I Want More, and Love Lives On My Street, could pass muster as philosophical and religious teachings – love is the answer (not possessions) and the prisons are only in everyone’s minds. It could come across as preachy or cheesy, but it doesn’t.

It’s a great bonus that the beats are addictive and beautiful as well!



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2 12 2010
Faithless – Outrospective « Emily's Albums A to Z

[…] would call Outrospective less political and more personal an album than No Roots, despite the album covers being opposed to that statement. They should have been swapped. I’d […]

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