Nirvana – Nevermind

28 10 2010

Listened: Wednesday October 6

It’s somehow very fitting that Nevermind immediately follows Never Mind the Bollocks. The transition is musically seamless.

Nevermind was released when I was in seventh grade. It was a big part of the fabric of my adolescence as a result; it was just everywhere. I remember Smells Like Teen Spirit was one of the first singles I ever bought (a cassingle, mind you) and I also gave it as a gift to my friend Megan when she turned 13, along with Enter Sandman by Metallica. When Smells Like Teen Spirit was played at middle school dances, people would without fail “slam dance” (that’s what all the teachers called moshing) for about a minute and then it would be broken up.

I remember that I bought Nevermind several years after it came out (in high school) from my friend Justin. I’m not sure why he was getting rid of it, maybe he needed the cash. I hadn’t bought it before that time because a bunch of the songs were played on the radio all the time anyway, and I was a cheapskate. But I think I decided at that point that I needed to make sure I owned it, because it was important.

One side note, nothing makes me feel old like hearing about the baby on the cover being a grownup now. Stop telling me this stuff!



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