Noise Addict – Meet the Real You

30 09 2010

Listened: Friday September 10

Noise Addict was Ben Lee‘s first band. Meet the Real You is a really fun album written and performed by teenagers, for a teenage audience. For being so adolescent, this album’s pretty good both musically and lyrically. This album was released when I was 16, so the lyrics of the song 16 were pretty apt:

You told me 16 had a girl
16 had a car
16 made me wise
But now I’m 16 and I see that’s all wrong
But now I’m 16 and I see that’s all wrong
At 16 I’m just lucky to be alive

I regret not going to their only American tour, but I seem to recall they played a small club the size of Bottom of the Hill, but at the time I was too wimpy to go to such a small venue, and who knows if I would even have been allowed to by my parents. I assume it was an all ages show, but I don’t remember.

Wow, I can’t believe my excellent memory. This is a review of that show I’ve just googled. I vaguely recall reading it at the time. The web page definitely looks that old.



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