The Stratford 4 – Love & Distortion

28 09 2010

Listened: Wednesday September 8

Love and Distortion is perhaps the album I am most annoyed about leaving unlistened for years, until about a year ago. The Stratford 4 were a local band from San Francisco, which is what motivated me to buy their album in the bargain bin. When I finally gave Love and Distortion a listen, I fell in love.

The album is a dreamy wash of noisy very shoegaze-inspired guitars. I easily get lost on their tide of sound. I also appreciate that there’s real lyrics and the singer can sing decently. Sometimes those things are neglected in shoegaze in favor of the drone.

I wish I had gotten a clue about them back when they were still a band. It would have been great to check out one of their shows.



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8 09 2011
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[…] realized I made an error in my entry for Love & Distortion, Stratford 4′s followup to The Revolt Against Tired Noises. It was Revolt that was sitting […]

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