The Clash – London Calling

24 09 2010

Listened: Tuesday September 7

If you asked me to name an album released in the year of my birth, London Calling is the only one I can think to name. How many more do you need to know?

This album was pretty big in my high school music life, probably because of the punk and ska revival happening at the time. Live 105 used to play The Clash pretty often, even 15 years after most of their songs were first released. I remember loving London Calling and Train In Vain.

The album cover was also very recognizable to youth at the time, probably because the photo is one of the most perfect expressions of rock and roll in existence. I wasn’t aware until very recently that the pink and green framing type was borrowed from Elvis Presley’s debut album. It’s new and old joined to equal more than the sum of their parts, which is the way it should be.



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