Supergrass – Life On Other Planets

21 09 2010

Listened: Thursday September 2

Supergrass is in a rare category for the more modern bands in my collection: I don’t own all their albums in chronological order. I own I Should Coco and I own Life on Other Planets. I skipped In It For The Money and Supergrass.

The change from I Should Coco to Life on Other Planets is astounding. The ‘grarse are no longer bratty and precocious, but what one might call glam. It feels like they’ve become Bowie or T-Rex. Not that it’s a bad thing, merely jarring. Perhaps that’s the natural evolution of things – pop punk to something more grand. Ask Green Day.



2 responses

21 09 2010

I kinda like this group, but they are just a bit too edgy for me. Thx for sharing.

22 09 2010

Edgier than Led Zeppelin??

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