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21 09 2010

Listened: Wednesday September 1

John Lennon was a major part of the soundtrack of my high school and college years. Basically the time when I thought I was a hippie (though I really wasn’t, if you get right down to it). I own all of his solo albums on vinyl, but Lennon Legend captures the “best of” pretty well.

I love the way his solo catalog so perfectly encompasses the Seventies. Still kind of Beatles-esque at the beginning, but very disco flavored at the end. My favorite song of John’s solo period is Instant Karma, though I hate the quality of the vocals. They’re so badly recorded. A close second is Jealous Guy – the piano is great and I really believe it: he didn’t mean to hurt you.



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4 02 2011
Jospeh S.

John Lennon!
The name associated with love and peace; yet who sings:
“Hatred and jealousy going to be the death of me.”
The man who stood for honesty and wisdom; yet who admits:
“Wasn’t I the greatest pop seer? Hadn’t I written, ‘The dream is over’? Was I not the great John Lennon who could see through all the world’s hypocrisy? The truth is I couldn’t see through my own.”
There certainly is something uniquely special about the man; otherwise how would so much of the world admire – or fear – him as a person of consequence:
“I represent the human race.”
The musician who sang for us to “change your head,” to “free your mind,” to ” feel your own pain”;
The revolutionary artist who set out to change our culture:
“I’m trying to do something different. I’m trying to change people’s minds, to change their attitudes to things.”
For insight into this remarkable duality in his makeup, look no further! For the first time available, a boxed set of Lennon’s edited interviews showcasing his close personal ideas and ideals!
What are we to make of this multi-dimensional man and artist? Of what value besides his music can we expect of him for our self-understanding and self-transcendence? You might want to visit our facebook page for some answers at “Lennon’s Ideas and Ideals”.

Best wishes,

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