Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin II

16 09 2010

Listened: Wednesday September 1

There are some great songs on II (Thank You, the badass drum solo on Moby Dick, Bring It On Home) but to me it’s all about Whole Lotta Love. It’s porn in song form. And I don’t mean song porn. I mean actual (though relatively inexplicit) porn.

I will always associate it with Web 2.0 bowling. Whole Lotta Love was playing at the bowling alley as the winning company accepted their trophy. The CEO of that company was older than most of the people in the tournament (but still not all that old, maybe 40) and in many ways clearly felt the need to assert his dominance in compensation for his advanced age. The testosterone was palpable. Hence always easily remembering that Whole Lotta Love was playing as the soundtrack to this event.



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30 08 2011
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