Lyrics Born – Later That Day…

14 09 2010

Listened: Friday August 20

Lyrics Born is one of the few opening artists I have seen at a show that resulted in an album purchase. His charisma blew me away and his music is so fun and approachable.

I love Later That Day. It puts a smile on my face and makes me shake it every time I hear it. LB has a great way with words and in true rapper style he makes you laugh at his boasts and observations, while still keeping it real with his neuroses and insecurities. The upbeat nature of the wicked bass line samples, backing vocals by Joyo Vellarde (LB’s wife), and LB’s shoutouts also makes this excellent party music.

Some of my favorites:

My life’s a combination of my past achievements
With a lotta heavy lifting, lotta deep breathing
A lotta courage, lotta doubts, a lotta mixed feelings
A lotta love, a lotta luggage, for a lotta reasons
I ain’t forgot about the pain and all the mistreatments
I ain’t forgot the little box they try to wiggle me in
I ain’t forgot about the flower deep underneath the crowded streets
Sprouting in between the cracks, scream and shout, “Baby!”
Follow like a lock in, in the Coliseum
And you can positive I think I’m in the mausoleum
You think I’ll ever hang it up, oh Money, stop dreaming
You think I’ll ever stop, oh baby, now you’re reaching
I won’t stop till I feel my lungs stop breathing
I won’t stop till I feel my heart stop beating

I also smile every time at:

(stop complaining)
I know but this kinda shit pisses me off
(stop complaining)
Man fuck that shit, I pay my taxes when I’m asked to
I’m not enthusiastic about it, but shit, I make it happen
Yeah it’s last minute, but goddamn it, they cash it
(this is fiscal harassment, they keep touching my assets!)

I’ve got to respect someone so hardworking, too. He is a tireless tourer and a workaholic in the studio. I encourage every music fan to give this album a try, even if you’re normally not into rap.



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2 12 2010
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