Supergrass – I Should Coco

17 08 2010

Listened: Tuesday August 3

I hadn’t listened to I Should Coco much since high school, but the pop-punk with British accents came right back to me. I spent many hours rocking out to Caught By The Fuzz and Alright (and deciphering all the slang like “Fuzz” and “I Should Coco”). What a great soundtrack for teenagerhood.

The album art is a bit frightening. Admittedly the dudes themselves are very British looking normally, but the artist seems to have decided to accentuate every little British element of their features, to freakish effect.



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5 09 2011
Shirehorses – Our Kid Eh « Emily's Albums A to Z

[…] the two Travis parodies (Fucking Around and Why Is It Always Dairy Lea), I Feel Like Shite (Supergrass), and Country Spouse (Blur) are also really catchy […]

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