Bright Eyes – I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning

17 08 2010

Listened: Tuesday August 3

When I first bought I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning, I didn’t mind the spoken intro so much, but now that I’m older and wiser, it sounds horribly immature and ridiculous. I wonder how Conor Oberst feels about it?

Despite this, Wide Awake has a lot of great songs, some of my all time favorites. We Are Nowhere And It’s Now is brilliantly poetic and beautiful:

“I’m always lost in thought as I walk a block. To my favorite neon sign. Where the waitress looks concerned. But she never says a word. Just turns the jukebox on and we hum along. And I smile back at her. And my friend comes after work. When the features start to blur. She says these bars are filled with things that kill. By now you probably should have learned. Did you forget that yellow bird? But how could you forget your yellow bird? She took a small silver wreath and pinned it onto me. She said this one will bring you love. And I don’t know if it’s true. But I keep it for good luck”

Whenever I hear this song it brings me back to moments of being young and lost and drinking too much; I’m sure plenty of people can relate. Land Locked Blues is another song that reminds me of a time in my development, and also simultaneously the mood of the country, deep in George W Bush’s second term.

Conor Oberst is whiny, petulant, and insufferable sometimes, but this album is an astute time capsule of a time in history and a period of life. I like it more than any of his other albums. It was timed perfectly.



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22 09 2010
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