Mojave 3 – Excuses for Travellers

30 06 2010

Listened: Tuesday June 29

Excuses for Travellers is another gift from Woody. Mojave 3 play very beautiful music and the vocals are so lush and pretty. Their name reminds me of the Mojave tent at Coachella, so that’s a good association.

They’re quite American sounding, even though they’re British. This album is country-tinged (lots of piano, banjo, and lap steel) and dreamy-mellow. I would compare it to Nick Drake in energy level and tone.



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29 09 2010
The Magic Numbers – The Magic Numbers « Emily's Albums A to Z

[…] in the tradition of “music sounds very American, but the band is actually British” (see Mojave 3). The band is also known as being “unglamorous” in the British press – the […]

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