Elastica – Elastica

24 06 2010

Listened: Monday June 21

I hadn’t listened to Elastica since high school and the first thing that hit me was how much this album likely influenced both MIA and Lily Allen. I can easily hear where both of them got elements of their style from Elastica. What also strikes me is how much this sounds like the music Blur was releasing at the time as well.

But both of these comparisons are explained by the “scene incest” involved at the time – MIA and Justine from Elastica were roommates and Justine and Damon from Blur were a couple around this time – after she stopped going out with Brett from Suede. One thing that woman did that bugged me was to undermine her own respect in the industry by going out with famous musicians. I think she was plenty talented on her own, but gave people too many easy opportunities to say she was where she was because she was sleeping with frontmen.

Back in the day, I remember the criticism of this album was that Elastica totally ripped off OG 70s punk band Wire. Apparently there was even a plagiarism case they lost because Connection resembled Three Girl Rhumba too much.

Until writing, I had still never heard Wire, so I went to YouTube to check it out. I agree Three Girl Rhumba and Connection are quite similar in regards to guitar, but there is an extra note thrown in. I am not up on my definition of plagiarism to know if that’s enough. Other than that song though, I don’t see a lot of similarity. It reminds me of how everyone always said Bush ripped off Nirvana. I could never hear that either.



One response

25 06 2010
John D Porter

Another fave. This is a set of nearly-perfect pop songs, and I don’t mean that in a disparaging way. The album managed to flash-freeze an entire, memorable, brief, rocky period of time, like a hologram snapped during an explosion – the backstories, the culture, the mood, the undercurrents, the place, the egos, the energy, the failures. And it stands fully on its own merits.

My regrets: The inevitable disintegration before another substantial contribution. The never achieving another thing quite like it by the diaspora. My missing this band the one time it passed through San Francisco.

John Peel loved the hell out of this band and that, alone, would have been enough validation for me.

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