Embrace – Drawn From Memory

17 06 2010

Listened: Wednesday June 16

This is not the American hardcore band Embrace. This is the English band Embrace. I had no knowledge of the hardcore band until I started looking for the English band and kept finding the hardcore band!

Their sound is similar to Oasis (but much less in-your-face and charming) or Coldplay. Drawn From Memory was acquired back in my years of digging for obscure British music. The songs are very catchy and sing-alongy, but they never really stick with you for some reason. They also lean a little bit towards overproduction for a rock band – lots of strings and orchestration. I don’t know why they never came to America like so many other bands of the time did. They’re even still a band – unlike Oasis or the American hardcore band!



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15 07 2010
Embrace – The Good Will Out « Emily's Albums A to Z

[…] each song. The songs are very anthemic and singable and I think this is a stronger album than Drawn From Memory, mostly because the strings are not as heavily used as on […]

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