Underworld – Dirty Epic/Cowgirl

16 06 2010

Listened: Tuesday June 15

Dirty Epic/Cowgirl is an early single from Underworld. I love listening to their singles as a whole disc, since they tend to really mix up all the remixes well, such that you barely know you are listening to what is technically the same song 3 times.

This single also has one of their more famous early songs, the very minimalist “Rez”, which was my first introduction to Underworld via a mix tape someone made for me years ago.

At least at work, the more Underworld, the better, as should be obvious from my last.fm.



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20 06 2010
Underworld – Dubnobasswithmyheadman « Emily's Albums A to Z

[…] quite mellow and almost hushed compared to their later style. It’s only on the singles like Dirty Epic/Cowgirl when they present you some remixes that you understand how they got to the Beaucoup Fish Underworld […]

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