Oasis – Definitely Maybe

13 06 2010

Listened: Thursday June 10

Oddly enough, I hit a bit of writer’s block when trying to think of what to say about Definitely Maybe. I remember it being a big deal when it came out, but the much more critical Oasis album in my past is their next album, (What’s the Story) Morning Glory. Indeed, to this day, that’s the Oasis album I go back to regularly.

But Definitely Maybe was helpful during that first year of high school when I was really getting over the Top 40 music of my middle school life and deciding that rock music was more challenging and pleasing to me. The songs from this album were all over Live 105, mixed in with Green Day, Offspring, Weezer… it’s mostly part of a general soundtrack of change.

This is also from before the time I knew the Beatles, so I was ignorant of how much of their stuff Oasis ripped off. Maybe Oasis was a part of getting me ready to go Beatles crazy like I did the following year.



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16 06 2010
Concert Confessions

I have been playing this album a lot as of late. Rock ‘n’ Roll Star, Slide Away, Supersonic – just so many classic songs. Such great guitar tone from Noel as well.

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