Soundtrack – The Darjeeling Limited

11 06 2010

Listened: Wednesday June 9

It’s very serendipitous that The Darjeeling Limited soundtrack follows Crouching Tiger in the project, since it’s both completely different and similar at the same time. It’s totally 20th century rock and Indian-music based, as opposed to a classical score, but it too makes the movie complete. Without carefully selected songs, the film would not be the same in the slightest, as is true of all Wes Anderson’s films.

This soundtrack also reminds me of the early days of PBwiki, since we used to play this album on the public sound system. It’s still a reference point for the music fans in the office.

I have an insecure relationship with the opening song Where Do You Go To (My Lovely) – I love it, but it borders on overly romantic and cheesy. I have to work hard to turn off the critical part of my brain (which is most of it) when I listen to it.



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