Stone Temple Pilots – Core

8 06 2010

Listened: Monday June 7

Um, I used to like this crap? That is what I was thinking through much of Core. This is the first album of the project that has elicited a violent reaction. About two songs from the end I was wanting it to be over, really badly.

I hadn’t listened to this for many years, and I knew I wasn’t a huge fan back in the day anyway, but I wasn’t expecting to realize how much I think it sucks now. How times change.

Unfortunate that I also included Purple in the project, but thankfully it will be a while before I have to hear it.



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8 06 2010
Concert Confessions

I love STP – always have always will. For me, they are the “classic” rock of our era. Yes, Weiland is a total f’n weenie, but the way his vocals mix with those sweet DeLeo brothers grooves – well it’s magic. I love Core, but feel Purple is light years ahead of it. In fact without a doubt – Purple is hands down the best album STP has ever created. Silvergun Superman, Lounge Fly and Vasoline are just timeless hard rock masterpieces.

13 06 2010
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[…] not too dated. It’s also a great album! This was the polar opposite of my reaction to Core – I thought “Wow, maybe I did have decent taste!” Also interesting to note […]

9 07 2010
Silverchair – Frogstomp « Emily's Albums A to Z

[…] didn’t have as violent a reaction to this as to Core, but I will definitely have to chalk this up to “teenage appeal only”. Possibly related […]

23 09 2010
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18 01 2011
Stone Temple Pilots – Purple « Emily's Albums A to Z

[…] I know I went off on Core and the pain it brought me, but I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed Purple. I don’t […]

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