ballboy – Club Anthems

6 06 2010

Listened: Thursday June 3

ballboy is a another band I don’t remember how I discovered, but I’m glad I did, as they are a band I have listened to for years and still love. I’m sure it was another “minor Scottish band I have heard I should check out” situation. Club Anthems is a collection of their initial EPs and the title is a total put-on – their music in no way resembles club anthems in the slightest.

I would describe ballboy as similar in lyrical tone to the most witty and sarcastic Belle and Sebastian songs, and at times the degree of hilarious self-loathing can resemble Morrissey. Let me see if I can illustrate:

I Hate Scotland lists the many faults of Scotland.

Sex is Boring: “Take me back to your room, tie me up and strip me naked and lie me on your floor. Then you’ll see that sex is boring with me, it’s not what I came here for.”

Donald in the Bushes with a Bag of Glue: “The last time I saw you you were lying in a bush with a bag of glue. Now you’re making cakes for middle-aged ladies and you’re married too.”

But I shouldn’t give the impression that all their songs are just jokes. The music is always well-crafted and beautiful, even during the funny songs, and ballboy have just gotten better and better over the years at both the humor and the music.



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