Nico – Chelsea Girl

4 06 2010

Listened: Thursday June 3

Nico is an acquired taste. Someone I was sharing The Velvet Underground and Nico with said he was bothered by her voice too much to appreciate the album – he said it reminded him of a drag queen singing(!!). I was bummed out that someone didn’t like an album I happen to love, but I had to laugh.

Chelsea Girl is her first release, which heavily involved members of the Velvet Underground both lyrically and musically. Jackson Browne also wrote several songs on this album and participated musically as well. I love her version of Bob Dylan’s I’ll Keep It With Mine – a song he gave to her and never officially released himself.

It’s kind of a bizarro-world folk album. Which works with the Velvet Underground connection, since they were the bizarro-world rock band of their time.



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