Idlewild – Captain

3 06 2010

Listened: Wednesday June 2

Idlewild is one of my favorite bands – I’ve listened to them for years and still enjoy listening to them. Captain is their first album (really a mini-album), which I didn’t hear for a long time after becoming a fan, since it’s hard to find outside of the UK and it took some time to track down. I probably got it in college at Mod Lang or on eBay; I don’t remember at this point. It was one of those items I had to get my hands on for cred (same idea with most of the Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci catalog I own) – since it was so hard to get, having it meant you worked for it because you cared THAT much about being a completist! Does anyone in the music world even do that anymore?

This being said, I haven’t listened to it much – it’s really hard-sounding and messy compared to their later work, and Roddy Woomble (one of the most un-rock names ever) hasn’t found his voice yet. I can hear the beginnings of their later style that I love so much, but it’s hard to hear over the shredding guitars. It was nice to go back and revisit my shock upon hearing it for the first time!



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13 08 2010
Idlewild – Hope is Important « Emily's Albums A to Z

[…] is Important is Idlewild’s first full length album, and like Captain it’s still pretty shouty and loud, though there are softer REM-y songs (I’m Happy To Be […]

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