Broken Bells – Broken Bells

3 06 2010

Listened: Tuesday June 1

I was shocked when I read a review of Broken Bells in Spin recently. They thought Danger Mouse‘s production rendered it detached and clinical. I don’t know what planet they were on.

When I first heard this album earlier this year I loved it right away, which is rare for me. A lot of times it only takes me a couple listens to get into something, but this was immediate. It sounds modern, funky, relevant, and beautiful.

Danger Mouse is a total workaholic. Whenever I read down his list of projects my head spins. But they are all awesome: The Grey Album, Gnarls Barkley, later Gorillaz albums, Dark Night of the Soul, etc. And James Mercer’s voice is also as lovely here as with the Shins. It all flows together great.

Those of you reading this blog for some new music suggestions – this is one of them you should check out!



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23 09 2010
Danger Mouse and Sparklehouse – Dark Night of the Soul « Emily's Albums A to Z

[…] Strokes, Susanne Vega, and James Mercer (this is how he and Danger Mouse decided to collaborate on Broken Bells). It’s a pretty good album, and I love the “old movie” cover. Whatever dispute […]

11 11 2010

Ok i will listen to u. Will buy this album 🙂

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