Radiohead – Amnesiac

19 05 2010

Listened: Tuesday May 18

Amnesiac era songs always remind me of puking all over my best friend’s car, on the way to their show. I had felt ill all day, but there was no way I wasn’t going to their show. I thought I could ride out the waves of nausea, but no dice. I feel bad to this day about subjecting 3 other people to my vomit, instead of just doing a controlled hurl out the window like I should have.

Funnily enough, after vomiting and heading back home to clean up the mess, I felt fine and we headed back to the show without further incident! The quality of the show plus the unfortunate events leading up to it make that something I probably will never forget.



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20 05 2010

Wrong album but from Paranoid Android:

“…the panic, the vomit…”


29 07 2010
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