Lily Allen – Alright, Still

19 05 2010

Listened: Tuesday May 18

Lily Allen doesn’t seem like someone I could hang out with, at all. Her image to me is that of an insecure, partying rich kid with questionable taste.

That said, Lily Allen’s lyrics crack me up. A supremely British sense of humo(u)r coupled with a youngster’s knack for uncomfortably accurate bluntness really does it for me. Whether she’s discussing her brother’s weed habit, unattractive men’s unsuccessful advances, or the wonders of her neighbo(u)rhood, which includes a “pimp and his crack whore”, I have a smile on my face.

That said, she can also really poignantly get across things like regret that a relationship is over (Littlest Things).

This was a crazy-good debut album, I must say.



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