XTC – Upsy Daisy Assortment

4 01 2012

Listened: Thursday December 1

I fondly remember XTC from my high school days. They weren’t played on Live 105 as often as some bands, but I recall hearing Making Plans for Nigel, Senses Working Overtime, and Dear God on occasion.

I also recall being a MTV-less teenager who watched the couple hours of the California Music Channel that was shown on channel 26 on weekday afternoons in hopes of seeing a decent video. I remember seeing the video for The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead a couple of times. I was totally mesmerized by the catchy song illustrated with JFK-assassination visuals. Seeing it again now, it’s still a decent video.

Since obtaining this album, besides gaining a new appreciation for the songs I knew already, I’ve fallen in love with Life Begins at the Hop. It’s undeniably catchy, and I believe it to be true – life does begin at the Hop.

Oddly, my copy of Upsy Daisy Assortment has the tracks in different order than the CD case listing. Apparently this was a pressing issue with some copies, but until I could Google such things, I figured someone had put a CD for another compilation in this case and sold it (I bought the album used).



2 responses

9 02 2012

I have been a silent fan of this blog for a few months. I created a mix from some of the songs and albums you mentioned that I will commit to minidisc sometime in the near future. So yeah, I enjoy what you do here.

I run a similar blog. I’m reviewing all my music as well as my video games, comic books, and other nerdy crap I own. Our musical tastes do have a small overlap, so there’s that.

Mainly I just wanted to say that I enjoy your blog because it makes me feel less crazy for having mine.

10 02 2012

LOL, thanks, I think? 😉

I just subscribed to your blog too. Thanks for the compliments! I need to get back on the horse in terms of doing entries. I thought once I quit my job I’d be reviewing more than when I was at work, but it hasn’t worked out that way. I have plenty of other stuff to do, including looking for jobs. 😉

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