Culture – Two Sevens Clash (30th Anniversary Edition)

16 11 2011

Listened: Wednesday November 9

I have a secret love of roots reggae. For some reason I can’t help singing along to “Callin’ Rastafariiiiii, many are called but few shall be chosen” and “HalleluJAHHHHHH” when Culture sings with such great harmonies.I see why so many non-Jamaicans become Rastas; it’s so easy to be drawn into any ideology if the music is good. The production values are also quite good, especially for reggae at the time. It’s obvious these guys are decent musicians and care about the sound quality.

I don’t remember where I read about Culture’s classic album Two Sevens Clash being rereleased (probably Spin magazine), but as soon as I heard some samples, I had to have it. I have great memories of listening to Get Ready to Ride the Lion to Zion while driving to Zion National Park; it was a great juxtaposition to see the amazing Utah landscape while hearing reggae music and lion roar samples.




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