The Stone Roses – Turns Into Stone

14 11 2011

Listened: Wednesday November 9

My recent true-love rediscovery of The Stone Roses convinced me that I should buy Turns Into Stone. If I love them so much why don’t I make sure I have all their songs?

I absolutely love the alternate version of Elephant Stone that opens Turns Into Stone. The extended intro, sixties guitar, and weird clashy drum effect (or is he actually hitting a trashcan?) takes it even higher than the better-known version on their debut. Mersey Paradise also rocks my world and One Love sounds to me like it could be on Second Coming.

Since I’ve relatively recently gushed about how much I love The Stone Roses album, I’ll spare you too much more, but I also have to note that most of these songs are clearly not quite as good as the A-sides from the properly released album. Still – they get me singing along to something as ridiculous as “Ring-a-ding-ding, I’m going down” so it can’t be that bad.



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